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The New Life in Poland – Some Interesting Travel Places

Poland’s peaceful transition from communism to democratic government and an economy based on private businesses is one of the most remarkable success stories of the 1990s. Other countries in similar situations are able to benefit from the Polish experience.
upside down house poland

Poland joined NATO in 1991 and has become an important member of the world community, taking a very active role in the United Nations. As well as participating in international aid programmes and peacekeeping initiatives, Poland is setting an example to the rest of the world in tackling environmental problems. Poland has made many reforms to bring itself into line with other members of the European Union. One of the big challenges it still has to tackle is to find a way to reduce unemployment. Joining the European Union means that the government has to encourage privatization and remove the subsidies it pays to some industries, but this often leads to more people losing their jobs. As the twenty-first century began the level of unemployment in Poland was rising instead of falling. Despite this, Poland is in a strong position to become a EU member and there is a strong desire in the EU to include Poland.

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There was a time not so long ago when jazz was banned in Poland because of its Western associations. Today’s generation enjoys the freedom of expression that people in the West have always taken for granted.

Now young generation have all sorts of opportunities that their parents did not have – They can learn English or French, for example, whereas  parents could learn only Russian. They can go on holiday to Spain, Italy or the UK but in the past it wasn’t so easy. They hope to go to university to study politics or something related to Europe. Poland is in the centre of Europe, but they are still seen as belonging to the East Perhaps that impression will change when they are part of the European Union.

Hot and Sunny Travel Destinations for December

When winter is at its darkest, the greatest wish is to take off and go somewhere sunny and warm. You don’t have to go for a Christmas holiday abroad – it can be expensive and too hectic and crowded. Look for the bargain deals and the peace to be enjoyed right before the official holiday. You might even get a good tan as you come back for Christmas. Or, you could just wait until New Year’s and start it all in style.


When you travel in December though, it’s not just about chasing the sun. You need to know where exactly it’s hot enough for a beach stay. You could have sunny winter days in Finland as well, but that wouldn’t be much of a change and would certainly not include tanning. In warm countries like those around the Mediterranean there is no real winter, but still the temperatures are not high enough to make for a comfortable sunny holiday. Therefore, you need to have a look at the following list of sure-fire destinations to provide you with a hot December:


Egypt – Although the other popular tourist spots in North Africa are not so attractive in December and tend to close their gates, Egypt is still a valid attraction. The country gets temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius and above frequently, which makes it totally suitable. Tunisia is colder, while Jordan goes through its rainy season at this time of the year. Egypt has none of these problems. Nile cruises still work just fine in December, as well as snorkelling in the Red Sea. The sun is up on the sky for many hours and temperatures go beyond 20 degrees. Besides, this place is only 5 hours away by plane if you are in the UK.

 The Nile- egypt

Africa – The West Coast – This side of Africa not only has amazing weather during our winter, but also puts some unforgettable landscapes on display. Its beaches are tropical-style, it’s got mountains and islands just off the shore. The Cape Verde islands are a newly found paradise for tourists and make for a great choice in December. There is no shortage of tourist facilities and modern developments – the region has 5-star resorts all over. You may also go a little more to the north, to Morocco. It’s a bit colder at night, though. This whole area is excellent to travel to because you will be staying within the same time zone, which has some obvious benefits to it.


Thailand – A hot country in December, yet perfectly bearable, Thailand has plenty of sunshine and temperatures of about 30 degrees and beyond. However, not any spot is a good one. You may want to avoid the east coast in December, because it gets a lot of rain. Its capital city Phuket is a safe bet, though.

 LIPE, SATUN, THAILAND - SEP 27, 2014: Fisherman sailed longtail

The Caribbean Islands – Here you have a wonderfully large palette of islands and resorts to choose from. Basically, there is tropical weather all around here in the Caribbean Sea, which means it’s all good, no matter the spot you pick. It could be Barbados or Jamaica, or Grenada. Even the small islands are connected through flights. Cuba welcomes guests with its specific culture. Just nearby, Mexico awaits, with its world-class resorts. Cruises are also popular in the area and especially helpful if you cannot choose a destination. It’s all good at this time of the year because there is not much humidity, which makes the air breathable in spite of the high temperatures.


Sri Lanka – December actually means high season in some corners of the world. One of these is Sri Lanka. It combines the unique wild beauty of nature with scenic shores, sandy beaches and top accommodation options. The weather tends to vary though, so it is best to ask for some expert advice before you book. Also, proceed early.


When you are headed for rather unconventional destinations, especially in the winter season, it is best to book as early as you can. Although some websites offer bargain deals at a later time, at least one should do some serious research before committing to buy a holiday package. As for the exact departure date in December, it is up to you and your