A Visit to Dubai – Places to See

My holidays in Dubai till now are the best where I experienced most exotic landscape, tourism and weather. Dubai has many attractions and is on its way to create more. It is one of the most technologically advanced cities but still has well preserved its ancient historical and cultural heritage and monuments.


On our visit to Dubai, I was around eighteen and was with my family. The best part of the trip that I liked the most was that of desert safari. I sat on the first seat of the jeep and I felt as if we were having a roller coaster ride on the sand dunes. During our safari, we also took camel ride and ate some traditional food there. Also I managed to learn skiing on the sand. That was really very funny experience. If you are not willing for adventurous activities, don’t worry, Dubai has other various activities for you. How about shopping in Dubai? We went to various shops, what they call as souks. Jewellery in Dubai is most demanded well and is available at a cheaper rate with a good quality. We shopped for a pair of earrings and a set for my mum. We also shopped for some accessories, clothes from duty free shops at the airport. Shopping there was a great fun. Not only this, we went to see the most famous and luxurious Burj al Arab hotel, which is considered to be the first seven star hotel in the world. Another famous destination in Dubai is the Palm Islands trio. Some of the attractions in Dubai are solely made with the purpose to promote tourism, so you will not have any chance to get bored once you go to Dubai.




Deserts of Earth – They Are Worth to See

Deserts cover about one-fifth of all the land in the world. There are deserts in
parts of Africa, Asia, Australia and North and South America.
Most deserts lie along two imaginary lines north and south of the
equator, called the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Here,
and in other desert regions, dry air currents blow across the land. These
dry air currents can blow hot or cold
but they rarely carry rainclouds.
Consequently the lands they cross arePaisaje desertico.Cielo nuboso y suelo agrietado
starved of rain and given no protection
from the sun.

Some deserts are called rain shadow
deserts. These occur where large
mountains block the path of rain-bearing
wind. The raised mountain ground pushes
the wind upwards and as it rises, it cools.
The drop in temperature causes clouds
carried by the wind to burst and releaseBeautiful night in the Australian Outback
their rain. The wind continues over the
mountains but by the time it reaches the
other side, it carries no rain clouds. This
natural process creates some of the
world’s wettest environments –
rainforests – alongside the world’s driest.

The Sahara Desert in northern
Africa is the largest desert in the
world. It covers an area the size of the
United States.

• The Gobi Desert in eastern Asia is
situated on high, windy plains. It is the
coldest desert in the world.

• Nearly half of Australia is coveredDesert landscape with camel
by desert.

• The Arabian desert is the sandiest
desert in the world.

• The smallest desert regions of the
world are the Peruvian and Atacama
Deserts on the western coast of South

• Many of the world’s deserts are
bordered by areas of scant vegetation.
These scrublands can become true
deserts if they lose

Cheapest Holidays for 2015

What Makes Cheap Holidays for Brits Advantageous?

Holidays are a perfect way to escape the unexciting lifestyle and unwind in the lap of the Mother Nature. With a beautiful scene at the backdrop, the holiday gives you a romantic sensation. However, with rising inflation all across the world, going out on a leisurely trip may sound to be a lavish one, but what about the cheap holidays? Sounds interesting, right?

Everyone loves taking holidays, and who does not want to experience an all-new land and revitalise oneself? Holidays provide the relaxation and comfort from the busy life.

Great cheap holiday spots

Cheap Holiday hotspots for the Brits could be many including Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Thailand and Malta.

Lollipop Holidays
Amazing Turkey Beach : lollypop-holidays.org.uk

You get the advantage

As the departure date nears, the resorts try to fill up the seats that are not yet booked or have been cancelled. Some of the places on the holiday remain vacant which the hotel and resort owners try to get reserved to generate profit. In turn, the travel agents or the trip organizers lower the cost of the holiday. Thus, you stay at an advantage to get exactly the same holiday as those who have booked the same resort at a higher price than you.

In order to sell the deal, the travel organizers will offer the entire package at much lower cost heaped with discounts just to lure you. This is where you can also bargain with them to further reduce the cost. In fact, at times, some holiday packages are reduced to just half of the original price.

However, to enjoy the cheap holidays, the Brits need to keep a regular eye on the deals. Also, you have to resilient to reap the true benefits of the cheap holidays as you will have to embark on the trip at a very short notice. You can go on board with family, colleagues or friends. So, just watch out for the best destination and enjoy a mega holiday.

Need for a holiday

Spurring those romantic feelings need you to spend time with your loved one in a place that is not only beautiful but also away from stress and tension of daily life. And a holiday is the best way to enjoy your time with your loved one in the absolute intimacy that is needed for rekindle your romantic mood or celebrate your togetherness away from the hustle and bustle of busy and hectic daily life.

7 Amazingly Beautiful Towns Around the World

1. Pennan Village – Scotland

Photo : VisitScotland

2. Fort Bourtange in Groningen Netherlands

3. Mountain Village in Iran : Masuleh architecture is awesome. The houses have been built into the mountain and are interconnected.

4. Popeye Village in Malta

Popeye Village Malta
Popeye Village Malta

5. Fairytale Cottages, Wales

Fairytale Cottages, Wales
6.Water Village in Maluku, Indonesia
in Maluku, Indonesia

7.Mont Aiguille in France.

Mont Aiguille in France. Very beautiful.

Cheap Holidays On the Beach 2015

Best beach resorts in turkey

Bodrum Beach

Bodrum, might be the finest resort in Turkey. It’s a peninsula in the southwest of Bulgaria and about 25 minutes’ drive from Bodrum-Milas International Airport. Bodrum peninsula comprises Bodrum-centre and the little villages of Turgutreis, Bitez, Yalikavak, Gumusluk and Gumbet. Bodrum is renowned for its nightlife and has something to offer everybody from dance buying, sun-bathing, cruising, sightseeing and feasting.


Marmaris is a popular holiday location for vacationers. It’s located in the South Western part of Turkey and about 1-hour 20 minutes from Dalaman International Airport. Marmaris is a well-established and ordered resort. It’s a fantastic yacht harbour and the beautiful shoreline is surrounded by pine-clad hills. Marmaris is the area for consumers. Leather, jewellery and many other souvenir shops are available. Shopkeepers are extremely welcoming and give you apple tea as well as a pleasant setting.



Fethiye is one of the popular hotel resorts in Turkey. It really is located in the southwest of Turkey and is approximately one hour drive from Dalaman International Airport. It is surrounded by large hills and pine woods. Famous Olu Deniz (Blue Lagoon) is in Fethiye.


Altinkum or fantastic Seashore in English is a popular resort for beach-lovers. It is located on the West shore of Turkey, 1.5-hour drive from Izmir and Bodrum Airports. Nowadays Altinkum offers exquisite beaches, water sports, good restaurants, bars and a superb value holiday!


Dalyan, significance fishing village in Turkish is a small and pristine tiny city on the Southwest shore of Turkey. It is about 35 minutes’ drive from Dalaman airport terminal. Dalyan, significance fishing hamlet in Turkish is a small and unspoiled little town on the south-west shore of Turkey. It really is about 35 minutes’ drive from Dalaman International Airport.



Kusadasi is a popular holiday resort City in poultry. It’s located 90 km south of Izmir in the northern Aegean shoreline and about an hour 10 minutes’ drive from Izmir airport terminal. Kusadasi offers its guest’s lovely beaches for example Ladies Beach, Kustur Beach and National Park. There is an excellent variety of shops and a bustling weekly market, extensive eating options including pubs, bars and cafes.


Alanya is a modern resort situated on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast about one and a half an hour in the Antalya Int. Airport. It’s set between two wonderful beaches and against the spectacular background of the Taurus Mountains. Nowadays, Alanya has a lot to provide any customer, shores and water sports, history and tradition, restaurants, bars and shopping.

The New Life in Poland – Some Interesting Travel Places

Poland’s peaceful transition from communism to democratic government and an economy based on private businesses is one of the most remarkable success stories of the 1990s. Other countries in similar situations are able to benefit from the Polish experience.
upside down house poland

Poland joined NATO in 1991 and has become an important member of the world community, taking a very active role in the United Nations. As well as participating in international aid programmes and peacekeeping initiatives, Poland is setting an example to the rest of the world in tackling environmental problems. Poland has made many reforms to bring itself into line with other members of the European Union. One of the big challenges it still has to tackle is to find a way to reduce unemployment. Joining the European Union means that the government has to encourage privatization and remove the subsidies it pays to some industries, but this often leads to more people losing their jobs. As the twenty-first century began the level of unemployment in Poland was rising instead of falling. Despite this, Poland is in a strong position to become a EU member and there is a strong desire in the EU to include Poland.

st kingas chapel poland

There was a time not so long ago when jazz was banned in Poland because of its Western associations. Today’s generation enjoys the freedom of expression that people in the West have always taken for granted.

Now young generation have all sorts of opportunities that their parents did not have – They can learn English or French, for example, whereas  parents could learn only Russian. They can go on holiday to Spain, Italy or the UK but in the past it wasn’t so easy. They hope to go to university to study politics or something related to Europe. Poland is in the centre of Europe, but they are still seen as belonging to the East Perhaps that impression will change when they are part of the European Union.